Gillian salit

Amazon Flex

iCrossing, Lead Creative

CHALLENGE: To develop a brand platform and activation campaign to promote Amazon Flex and uniquely differentiates it from other gig-type competitors. 

INSIGHT/STRATEGY: The booming gig economy reflects the desire for more accessible routes to entrepreneurship. We challenged the audience to "Harness the power of Amazon to flex your potential".

CONCEPT:  We don’t all work to make money. For many of us work is just something we do to get to a higher goal. Amazon gets that. That’s why Flex enables our delivery partners to pursue their dreams by offering flexible hours they can change from week to week or day to day—whatever it takes. Because Flex is about more than making deliveries. Flex is about making our partners’ aspirations into reality.


We also created a series of animated tutorial videos to show new delivery partners how to work for Amazon Flex.


We also created a new website.


Not only did it look great, but it was fun to make, too. 


There was a lot of [video] planning.


We immersed ourselves in all things Amazon. 


I even delivered a package!