Gillian salit

Avon Representative Recruitment

iCrossing, Lead Art Director

CHALLENGE: Avon needed to recruit newer, younger Avon Representatives.

INSIGHT:  I saw a huge opportunity after conducting a few interviews with current representatives: it was rarely about the money. Everyone interviewed spoke of going back to school, being able to go out with friends, to afford to send children to extracurricular activities as reasons why she joined. 

CONCEPT: The Avon Representative Recruitment campaign allowed real Representatives to share the reasons why they joined Avon. It is an extremely personal approach that gives the Representative a chance to tell her story, and we used simplified animation to further differentiate from the competition. 


We created a corresponding landing page.


Even the campaign's social posts had a consistent aesthetic.


We continued the campaigns look and feel to the display banners.

RESULTS: The campaign was very successful. 2 million video views in the first week and  75% video completion rate.