Gillian salit

Voya Born to Save

iCrossing, Lead Art Director.

CHALLENGE: The challenge was to create a campaign that put Voya on the map and to make Voya famous. 

INSIGHT: The earlier you start saving for retirement, the more prepared you will be when it arrives. 

CONCEPT: Since Voya promotes the idea that "it's never too early to save for retirement", we created a campaign that demonstrated the most extreme version of that thought. How early can someone REALLY start saving? The answer was simple—they can start saving the day they’re born. We decided to start retirement accounts to every baby born on the first ever "National Save For Retirement Day". With appreciation, the accounts would be considerably matured by the time the babies turned 65 years old. 


Media Coverage: New York Times and USA TODAY full page print ads


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Naturally, our promotion received a lot of attention.